They pass through several specific names: some humans name them radial arm saws, while others call them chop saws. Some genuinely call them buzzsaws at the same time as many refer to the great electric saw in a query about the form of reducing it makes, naming the device the miter saw.

We’ll talk miter cuts in detail below, and will touch on why they’re so essential for the whole thing from domestic constructing to best fixtures layout; first, even though, we’re discussing the stand that sits beneath the saw.


For indeed even the first-rate miter saw may be awkward or even hazardous to perform while not paired with an excellent saw stand. A miter stand raises a saw as much as around the waist degree of the operator (most can without problems be height-adjusted), placing the cutting blade and manipulate surfaces at the perfect function for ergonomically at ease and safe use with the aid of the woodworker appearing the cuts.

A miter stand is corresponding to what a military strategist might name a “pressure multiplier”; it augments and improves the feature of a tool which you were already going to depend upon anyway, making your work less complicated, speedier, and more significant particular at the same time.

Unless your miter saw is permanently affixed to a work desk, you need to own and use a miter stand; it is that simple. A saw that isn’t always secured to a pc or stand can doubtlessly shift or fall at any time, supplying a significant risk of harm (and a close to-actuality of ruining the piece of lumber you saw cutting at the time).

When considering which stand will first-class in shape your needs, suppose first in phrases of garage and portability. If you circulate from job website to activity website, the higher without problems, you may fold up your stand while it is time to move, the more senior. You will save effort and time thanks to your speedy-collapsing, quickly-deploying stand, and time provides up to cash.


If you hardly ever transfer venture sites, or in case you are seeking out a stand that you will use almost solely in your house, the potential to be broken down and installation without difficulty may be less of a selling factor, except garage space is at a top rate on your storage or workshop.

Most miter stands private extendable hands that can assist an extended, massive board as you preform cuts. In truth, thinking about a stand without this aspect helps is a contrary idea based entirely on how useful they can be (in particular while you are running on my own).

Instead, take into account how massive you’ll ideally like those boards to attain while extended based on the period of the lumber you usually use. For reference, some stands are designed to guide boards measuring up to 10 toes in the period, while others can accommodate lumber as long as sixteen ft from ceasing to give up.

Tangential to the considerations of duration potential, additionally recall the load limit of a stand you’re researching. Some miter stands are simplest rated to help 300 pounds, while others can correctly preserve 500 pounds or extra. If you cut long, thick boards inclusive of are used in framing; this introduced weight accommodation may be wished.

Finally, do not neglect the brilliant convenience brought using wheels. Most miter stands have wheels that may be used to move the stand around.

However, a few require the saw to be removed previous to their use, while others feature wheels that permit for movement around a working website while the saw is in the vicinity. Still, others have no wheels at all; those stands are commonly an awful lot inexpensive in fee, but also can be a good deal less convenient to transport.

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